Basic Industries and Workshop Practiccal (Full Time)  Civil Engineering and CAD Practical II (Part Time)  Measurement and Metrology Practicals (FT TM)  Entrepreneurship and Startup ( PartTime)  Industrial Electronics Practicals  C Programming and Data Structure  Manufacturing Technology II  Entrepreneurship and Start up
 Communication Skill Practicals (Mech PT)

 Civil Engineering Drawing

and CAD Practical II (Full Time)

 Strength of Materials and

Fluid Mechanics Practicals (Full Time)

 Electronics Devices and

Circuits Practicals (Part Time)

 Electrical Circuits and Instrumentation Practicals  Python Programming Practicals

 Metrology and Metallography Practical (Full Time)

Electrical Circuits and Machines
Communication Skill Practicals (Civil PT)  Material Testng Lab I (Full Time/ Eng)

 Computer Integrated

Manufacturing (Full Time)

 Control of Electrical Machines

Practicals (Full Time)

 Electronic Devices & Circuits Practicals  Web Design and Programming Practical  Solid Modelling Practicals  Anatomy & Physiology Practicals
 Engineering Chemistry Practicals (Part Time)  Material Testing Lab 2 (Full Time)  Process Automation Lab (Full Time)

 Project Work and

Internship (Full Time)

 Entrepreneurship & Startups Practicals  Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Practicals  Machine Drawing and CAD Practical  
 Digital Work Place Skills ( Part Time )  Surveying Practice I (Full Time)  Entrepreneurship & Startups Practicals  Entrepreneurship and Startups (Full Time)  Simulation Practical  RDBMS Practical  Tool Design Practicals  
 Engineering Physics Practicals (Part Time)  Surveying Practice I ( English - FT )  Thermal Engineering Practical (Full Time)  Computer Aided Electrical Drawing Practicals  Analog and Digital Communication Practical  Linux Practicals   Strength of materials and Fluid Mechanics  
 Basics of Workshop Practicals Surveying Practice II (Part Time)  Measurement and Metrology Practicals (Full Time)  Electrical Circuits and Machines Practicals  Microcontroller Practicals  Electrical and Electronics Engineering  Mechanical Instrumentation Practicals  
 Computer Application Practicals  Material Testing Laboratory II (Part Time)  Strength of Materials and Fluid Mechanics (Part Time)  Computer Aided Electrical Drawing (Full Time) Programming in C Practicals

 E Publishing


 Manufacturing Technology I  
 Engineering Physics Practicals Computer Applications in Civil Engineering Practice( Full Time)  Concrete Technology Practical (Part Time)  Micro Controller Practicals  Very Large Scale Integration Practicals  Component Based Technology  Electrical Drives & Control Practicals  
 Engineering Chemistry (II sem)  Hydraulics Laboratory (Full Time)  Measurement and Metrology Practicals (Part Time)  Power Electronics Practicals (Full Time)    Java Programming Practicals    
 Communicative English I  Concrete Technology Practicals  Manufacturing Technology II (Full Time)  Wiring and winding        
 Digital Workspace Skill Material Testing Laboratory I  Thermal Engineering (PT)  Wiring and Winding (PT)        
   Computer Application in Civil Engineering Practice ( Full Time)  Machine Drawing and CAD Practicals  Electrical Workshop Practicals (FT)        
  Construction Practice Laboratory(PT)  Electrical Drivers & Controls Practicals  Analog and Digital Electronics Practicals        
  Hydraulics Laboratory (PT)    Electrical Machines & Instrumentation Practicals (PT)        
  Entrepreneurship & Startup (FT)    Electronic Devices and Circuits Practical        
  Environmental Engineering Practical (FT)    Computer Application Practicals        
  Surveying Practice II (FT)            
  Civil Engineering Drawing and CAD Practicals            
  E & S Practicals            
  Construction Practice Laboratory            
  Civil Engg Drawing and CAD Practical I